A javascript library to simplify caching data

I have maintained a small npm library medusa.js for years, and it's time to make it more modern.

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A super simple and limited markdown React component

When you want to give your users a little bit of customizability with some text, but not so much that they break your website.

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Logging Slow Queries in Apollo GraphQL

How do you track down your slow apollo graph queries locally, well you can pay for apollo studio, or you can just make your own plugin.

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Simple static site self-hosting for Astro with Caddy

I always prefer hosting my own projects on a simple server myself as that tends to be both cheap and flexible. And with Astro now bieng my static site generator of choice, lets go over how to host your site with TLS/SSL, a custom domain, redirects and the flexibility that comes with your own server.

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Procedurally Generated Avatars - @mikevalstar/gridavatar

I needed some procedurally generated images for the header of this site, and some avatars for a project I'm working on so I created deterministic image generator with a neat pattern instead of relying on one of the placeholder image sites or something like gravatar

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A Fresh Start

It's been a few years, and my older blog has been neglected and the contents old and crusty. Lets get a fresh start going again!

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